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30 Amazing Open World Games of This Generation You Need To Check Out

Open world games are a popular genre and for good reason. They offer tons of things to do and let players get lost, just experimenting with this wide open sandbox. While there have been tons of incredible open world games over the years, this generation of gaming has undoubtedly offered the best. Let’s take a look at 30 of the best open world games of the generation here, ranked from good to the very best. Starting with number 30…




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  • For me open world games are boring. Since you are going around and doing like mostly nothing.
    Finished Rage2 tutorial and they gave me open world played 2 hours and quited, since it bored me, from going to one place to another…
    Also hate RPG item number system, I played so many games that had problem with that. The late game has no challenge, is unbalanced to the point that only 5-10% of available stuff is good enough or rather overpowered that set them as must have, even the single enemy took around 30 hits to kill which is just annoying.

  • So no saints row…

  • TW3 is so overrated, one of the most overrated games of all time.

  • Still playing Skyrim. That game always brings me joy.

  • I’m getting Witcher 3,

  • JesesJeses

    Author Reply

    Did this man really just say The Witcher 3's combat was lackluster???

  • I agree with RDR2 being number 1 on the list. Best open world game i played! (Its just the online thats not good)

  • https://youtu.be/LZhbfXdkVEg

    Top 10 Best Pc Games

  • 1) Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Where's monster Hunter world at?

  • පට්ට අහ්හ් සුපිරියක් මෙකත් වෙනමම ආතල් එක 1st time ලංකාවේ Sinhalen හඩකවපු එකක Game Trailer එකක් බලලාම කියන්නකො…

  • after playing rdr2 and witcher 3 make me dont wanna play other rpg games anymore. because they both are insanely good games and when you play other "good" rpg games,you just gonna get bored. except skyrim tho its gameplay are huge

  • A Perfect List. Gr8 work

  • Where is fn Tomb raider 2013?

  • I am liking everyone comment just to make their day

  • this type of

    Videos really helps the new gamers

  • Metro Exodus is way too low on the list

  • Hello everyone Im newbie as Youtuber. I just made a Youtube content and hope U guys can enjoy my video as a gamer! thank you!

  • Seriously!
    Batman Arkham Knight and Marvel Spider-Man should be in top 10

  • Minecraft?

  • Division 2 on #10 and #3 at their top 2019 games. Well,these 2 will be the last top list I will watch from this channel