Acuity, color and stereopsis measurement on a Nintendo 3DS game console – ID 199992

Video abstract of original research paper “Calibrated measurement of acuity, color and stereopsis on a Nintendo 3DS game console” published in the open access Clinical Optometry journal by Smith KA, Damarjian AG, Molina A.
Significance: A Nintendo 3DS game can reliably test monocular near acuity, stereopsis
and color without the need for occlusion patches or goggles.
Purpose: We developed dynamic, forced-multiple choice games to measure monocular near
acuity, color vision and stereopsis on the autostereoscopic barrier screen of the Nintendo 3DS
gaming system.
Methods: In an institutional review board-approved study, pediatric and adult patients and
normal subjects performed routine patched near visual acuity, Ishahara’s color test and Stereo
Fly tests. Then each subject performed a two-phase orientation and testing game, “PDI
Check”, on a Nintendo 3DS.
Results: Forty-five patients aged 5–60 years completed the routine and Nintendo near tests,
resulting in positive, consistent, discriminatory correlation functions. From ROC curves,
referral criteria were determined to separate poor from fair-to-normal monocular acuity with
98% sensitivity and 100% specificity, stereoacuity with 80% sensitivity and 97% specificity,
and color with 83% sensitivity and 100% specificity.
Conclusion: The Nintendo 3DS game PDI Check can provide consistent near vision testing
via a dynamic, randomized method that does not require goggles for stereo, and does not
require patching to assure monocular testing.
Read the full paper here


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