Amybeth Reacts | Anne with an E: Season 2

Amybeth (Anne) reacts to the animated Anne-imations videos from Anne with an E, season 2.

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About Anne with an E:
Building on the success of the acclaimed first season of ‘ANNE with an E’, we return to Prince Edward Island in the late 1890s for more of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert’s adventures (and misadventures) with growing up.

As the Cuthbert family deals with the consequences of their shifty new boarders, Anne also befriends Cole, a fellow student who is bullied at school. Meanwhile, Gilbert experiences life outside of Avonlea, working on a steamship alongside Sebastian, a Trinidadian sailor.

This season dives deeper into explorations of gender, race, sexuality, bullying, prejudice, and community, further connecting the world of the viewer and the world of Avonlea.


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