Another look at the Nintendo DSi in 2019 – Softmodding , Homebrew and DSIWare | MVG

A new exploit for the Nintendo DSi has been recently released – Memory Pit – and it works on ALL DSi systems. Lets go ahead and take another look at the Nintendo DSi and the state of homebrew in 2019

Huge thanks to shutterbug2000 for the exploit and providing excellent information to make this video possible.

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  • I saw this video, bought a cheap japanese DSi, modded it, and proceeded to finish my first ever pokemon game (Yellow).

    So thank you MVG.

  • It should be noted that it is best way to install memory pit is to first have the SD card formatted, then put it into the DSi. Take a few pictures using the Camera App saving those pictures onto the SD card. Then you put the SD card into the computer and replace the pit.bin file with the memory pit one. Sometimes if you do it the way you did it, the DS will detect a corrupted camera app save file and delete the memory pit.

  • Cool

  • Whoever didn’t sticker bomb their DSi was a simp

  • when i opened the sd card in dsi camera it just showed a green screen for me

  • you can name twilight menu++ boot.nds to boot it aswell!

  • He didnt even have a pen in the slot.
    A true veteran of the DSi

  • Can you play games on the actual game cartridge after the home brew has been run?

  • is there any advantage of using an r4 card instead of the memory pit? is the memory pit better in emulating gbc and gba games?

  • All I really want to do is fix my DSi and play Four Swords and Shantae, guess it’s time to put homebrew on it once it’s fixed

  • i bought a dsi at my local games store and when i went to homebrew it it already had the pit.bin file on it but without the homebew menu and it had some 3ds cia files at the root

  • it wasnt a successor it was "Another piller" and thats why the gba is still going strong

    oh wait

  • i love this channel sm this chad inspired me to buy lots of nintendo consoles lol

  • Candice work with micro SD card for

  • Hey can anyone help me play alphabounce it's a dishware game I have it downloaded but cant install it or get it to run

  • Does anybody know how to get flip book studio in 2020 on a dsi

  • 7:28 Lol

  • I got mine in 2017 before the end o DSiWare shop, but hacked it only a few weeks ago, using the memoreypit exploit, now i'm my DSi has left the darkness.

  • not to get off topic but on my r4 card i have the same snes emulator as you have in this video but i can never get it to load any games there is always a blank list and it wont let me brows the folders to look the up too. what am i doing wrong?

  • Why are the dsi and the wii the easist to crack

  • 7:23 giga chad

  • Can you use the sd card for home brew