AppyBuilder: [Part 2] Math Whiz Quiz

This tutorial will teach you how to set up a Math Quiz. Each question in every quiz will be different. Two random numbers are chosen (a & b) from 1 – 100. The operation for each question (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) is chosen at random. Once the question has been set, the possible answers are randomly generated within the range of the actual answer. The answers will appear in a random order on four different buttons. We’ll add a “cheat mode” to the quiz, that let’s us see the correct answer during development. (“Cheat Mode” should be disabled once you build the app). The Wrap Up provides a solution to add a countdown timer to each question. If the user doesn’t answer in time, the quiz will automatically present a new question. The user can start a New Quiz at any time using the built-in menu. An example of using images with preset answers is shown on the “Ideas” screen in the project’s .aia file.

TUTORIAL DIFFICULTY: Intermediate Medium
This tutorial is intended for users with an Intermediate Skill level or higher. This video moves at a faster pace. You are expected to pause the video or following along as needed. You should be able to follow along easily if you are able to find blocks by looking at a screenshot.



Introduction – 00:00
Blocks Editor – 00:09
== initializeList – 00:55
== generateQuestion – 01:12
== generateAnswers – 03:30
== checkWrongAnswer – 06:56
== newQuestion – 08:53
== checkUserAnswer – 09:17
== Screen1.Initialize – 10:25
== Screen1.InitializeMenu – 10:46
== Screen1.MenuItemSelect – 11:00
== Button.Click – 11:48
== Clock1.Timer – 12:11
Testing the App – 14:03
Wrap Up – 15:05
AppyBuilder Community – 15:39
Goodbye – 15:44




Although I do create a lot of my images, to save time in Tutorials or quick projects, I like to use a free resource sites. My favorites are:


OPENING MUSIC: Happy Days by Håkan Eriksson (Acquired from Epidemic Sound)


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  • please link to download aia please

  • My app never generates a correct answer for some reason, I've copied the whole tutorial u have done with slight changes to the numbers so they are between 1-12, If you can help me I'll be very glad.

  • Its a good tutorial however you are going at the speed of light that even pausing doesn't even help sometimes.

  • Is there some way to do this so that it only allows full numbers as answers? as in if the equation does not equal a whole number then it will be redone.

  • how to make same app in thunkable

  • Hi thank you for toturial but i have 1 proble (The operation >= cannot accept the arguments [false] [1] ) that will apeir when the quiz is done please help me i need to finish this soon as possible

  • @Pixii Bomb can you please post the block for InicializeMenu and MenuItemSelected for Thunkable Classic because I dont know how to do it ?????

  • hi , can i ask a question? why i don't have a initialize menu in screen1?? 🙁

  • 2:36

  • Hi, thanks for the videos!
    Do you have a video on how to add two label boxes? Thanks again

  • Great Tutorials but my only issue is that you talk too fast and don't actually pause between actions, something that is a must when providing instructional videos. Besides that everything else is first class rate.

  • Hey congratulations for the video, it helped me a lot in the division part, I did like you, I used the block to round the result. But would there be any way of the result not of the fractioned numbers? or else, that in the result would appear 3 digits, or 2, example, 1.5 2.5 ?

  • muito bom, parabéns seus videos chegaram ao brasil!

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  • Merci pour les cours , ils sont vraiment excellents , bon courage pour préparer d'autres exemples …Merci pour les efforts fournis..

  • Great Talent and your method of explaining is too good.. very easy to understand

  • Really good tutorial! Just one problem, after answering the first question it doesnt go onto the next one it just stays on the first one but the score still goes up.


    Author Reply

    Why when I install the app, the buttons say "" instead of the actual numbers?

  • klkevklkev

    Author Reply

    hey pixi please help me. I finished this tutorial and very happy to get into something new and very valuable knowledge but I got into trouble. live tester not working. Every single time when connect via QR scan code, it actually connects and write 6 letters on my mobile screen then nothing happens after that. really I spent all day now and I still couldn't solve this issue don't feel like to get into new tutorial till fix this problem. Can you please help me? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried all 3 thunk, appy, mit they all same, write 6 letters on my mobile screen then nothing………….. ah……………………… only working live tester is thunkX newer version but I don't like it, it looks shit and no tutorial on yotubue ah…………………….please ㅠ_ㅠ

  • klkevklkev

    Author Reply

    I think normally list index start from 0 in other programming language? but does it start from1 in appy?

  • Please someone help i need this for my school. I do not have InitializeMenu when i click on my screen 1. Can anyone help please?

  • Nice app but I want to select screens randomly from a list pls help me

  • Please to setup usb live tester for the offline version of appybuilder

  • please make online quiz using

  • In which we put our questions