Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene – Iron Man Alternate Ending Scene Breakdown

Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene, Iron Man Alternate Ending Scene, Iron Man Meets His Daughter In Soul World. And Marvel Phase 4 Iron Man Return ►
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Covering new Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene, Alternate Ending Scene and Easter Eggs. Iron Man Meets his Daughter in the Soul World of the Soul Stone. Iron Man Marvel Phase 4 Return in Black Widow Movie explained. Young Avengers and other future Iron Man cameos.

I’ll do more Marvel Phase 4 and Iron Man videos as they release more details. Black Widow Trailer video coming very soon too!

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  • Here's my new Avengers Endgame Alternate Ending video and Easter Eggs. Let me know if you think they were right to delete the scenes! Here's the new Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Trailer for What If!

  • Nois sucks

  • foi a melhor cena do filme todinho

  • Qq a Rafaela Kalliman ta fazendo na Thumb? 😂😂😂

  • No

  • What a thumbnail 🙄

  • Of course, it's all in your head. Why should that make it not real?

  • They cut it cause she killed herself in the bathtub

  • When the Cagan shit, hulk when he put on the gauntlet, he could not control so much power, that he even found it difficult to snap his fingers and that holk, they label him as the most powerful of the Avengers. Tony stark, a simple human, without any powers, was able to take out at 6 super speed, the 6 infinity gems, place it at a super speed in his copy of the gauntlet and snap his fingers without any problem, they really screwed up. Until thanos when he placed each of the gems, overwhelmed with a surprising power. Tony, I put the 6 of one and nothing of that happened, that shit. Thanos is the best of all. to shit the avengers. I still remember that the guardians of the galaxy said that no human could touch one of those gems, because the power was such that it would kill him instantly. When the guardians touched the gem, they did it together so that nothing would happen to them. Tony, it's the human God. What a great clown these writers committed.

  • Tony stark will never come back to marvel, not cause hes dead its just because he is simply too old to do all of it and he is kinda getting sick of marvels stuff

  • Tony controlled the snap and how it was phrased in his mind. We know that he thinks on many levels at the same time. He could easily have left an Easter egg bringing Iron Man return in the Avenger's greatest time of need.

  • Who is she bro

  • Well they don't show iron man's body at the end. So, he might just be in hiding …

  • Irongirl

  • Gracias por los subtítulos

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  • Yup

  • They can bring him back through the soul realm meaning if he was not atbpeace with it he could come back by not being at peace with it and they could have Spiderman and Tonys daughter fall in love.

  • I don’t like this version, I prefer when he was sure of himself

  • Doom patrol it Robot man 🧠🧠🧠

  • How can he come back…?

    Smart Hulk; Ta da gesture "TIME TRAVEL!!!!!"

  • Go back in time

  • Oh my god why didn’t this make it!? 😭