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Backstreet Boys – Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)

Get the new Backstreet Boys album ‘DNA’ available now featuring “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, “Chances” and “No Place”!

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Shayne Ward – Until You (Audio)
  • They dancin now 🤣

  • i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu

  • If you say bts is the best boy band on the planet you are clearly incorrect and thats not an opinion it's a fact

  • Solid Comeback

  • Also, can I just say I grew up with their music from the very beginning, and taught myself how to sing from their music. Their music has done so much for me, helping me keep my head above water, and I am so grateful for their music.

  • This music video has me sitting here watching it over and over again! I love how it tells a story while still focusing on the music, not to mention their dance moves are ON POINT!
    I love that 27 years later they are still together, making music, doing what they love, and bringing smiles and happiness to so many people! KTBSPA!

  • Checkout my Backstreet Boys playlist! Contains all the best BSB songs from 1993 – 2020

  • One of the few bands left that do these choreography

  • Choreography so old school and still killing it

  • I have liked these guys since 1996 and I still forget their names?! OH GOD.

  • they are 40-48 and still do shows???? like whattttttt

  • Checking in fir my Daily Dose if they Backstreet Boys….

  • Top top ✌🖒

  • Los amo son mi familia cada canción suya a marcado una parte de mi vida doy gracias a dios por sus vidas por que siempre an sido mi cable a tierra ojalá algún día pueda oírlos en persona gracias por existir…

  • minha banda favorita sempre vou admiar eles

  • KINGS!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fndeDfaWCg&list=RD4fndeDfaWCg&start_radio=1

  • no matter what you guys say but i loved this band from 2008

  • Flavio flavras Backstreet Boys edit home san miegos know naer usa engalnd break my heart

  • 187 187 187 187 187