Best League of Legends Drinking Game

Here is my favorite League of Legends Drinking Game.

10 easy to follow rules listed below

1. If Yasuo is chosen or banned, take a drink. If both teams ban, take 2.

2. First Blood = First Drink. Don’t be the first to go.

3. If you’ve died at least 10 times in a game, that’s a drink.
(If you die 20+, feel free to take 3).

4. If your game ends in defeat, Drink.

5. If anyone gets a Pentakill, go ahead and take a drink.

6. If the ADC ends the game with less than 200 CS, take a drink to mourn their skills.

7. If the enemy team gets first Baron, take a drink.

8. If Mid is flaming Jungle, take a drink, even if it’s you.

9. Rito Pls means drink.

10. If anyone gets Executed, you’re drinking to their memories.


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