Brick Breaker Block Puzzle Android Game

Brick breaker game is a best FUN game. Game download link:

Brick Breaker Block Puzzle is totally FREE game and unlimited level of game playing. It’s algorithm make it unique game that it increase its intensity while game progress. Invite your friends to beat your score at Google leaderboard. After completing a certain level, you’ll be awarded a nice level upgrade.
The free Brick Puzzle game has dedicated button for all kind of changes.

How to play the Brick Breaker games?

Builds bricks perfectly on board and collect the horizontal rows as much you can.

Buttons action keys for Block Puzzle Game:

Left arrow action moves the block at left side.
Right arrow action moves the block at the right side.
Down arrow action is move block a little faster to bottom.
Down arrow with a bottom line, button action moves the block move at bottom super fast.
Pause button action pauses the game.
Left rotate arrow action rotates the brick anti-clockwise.
Right, rotate arrow action rotates the brick clockwise.

Brick Breaker classic Game also supports landscape mode that helps you play the game comfortably.

Enjoy the classic Brick Breaker Block Puzzle!


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