Brick Puzzle – Free Game

Brick Puzzle is a very interesting game with a nice graphical user interface.
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It’ll take you back to the childhood.

Brick Puzzle – Free Game has dedicated button for all kind of changes. How to play the games? Builds blocks perfectly on board and collect the horizontal rows as much you can. It’ll increase the game speed while you scoring high.

Buttons action keys

Left arrow action is move object at left side.
Right arrow action moves the object at the right side.
Down arrow action is move object a little faster to bottom.
Down arrow with a bottom line, button action moves object move at bottom super fast.
Pause button action pauses the game.
Left rotate arrow action rotates the object anti-clockwise.
Right, rotate arrow action rotates the object clockwise.

Brick Puzzle Game also supports landscape mode that helps you to grab the phone comfortably.

Enjoy the classic Brick Puzzle Game!

Download app link:


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