brick puzzle Game

Brick Puzzle Game is great and smooth puzzle game. App download link:

Brick puzzle game really helps you to back childhood. Brick Puzzle game gets all the charm of the Puzzle game fun, attractive and suitable for everyone.

Brick Puzzle is very helpful for improving your memory and your reflections Brain games like this one train concentration, reaction time, and spatial orientation skills. Please try to stack all blocks and achieve the highest score and contest with your friends.

Brick Puzzle keys Action:

* Left arrow move bricks at the left side on the board.
* Down arrow move bricks at the bottom at a faster speed on board.
* Down arrow with line move bricks at bottom of the board.
* Right arrow move bricks at right side on board
* Anti clock arrow moves bricks anti-clockwise.
* Clock arrow moves bricks clockwise.

How to play Brick Puzzle game?

Create horizontal lines using the falling bricks. When you make a horizontal line, it is cleared from the screen. The game is over when the bricks pile up and reach the top of the screen. You can get more points for completing multiple lines cleared at once.

Leaderboard powered by Google help you track your online score and you can challenge your friends. Based on your score points you’ll be awarded an achievements. You can see your achievements by clicking on Achievements button.

Let’s enjoy the best childhood game called Brick puzzle game!


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