Can You Live Longer Than 90 Seconds? – Gutwhale (Northernlion Tries)

Gutwhale on Steam:

Gutwhale is an ultra-minimalistic roguelite that came out on Steam this week. check it out!

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About this game:

Descend down into the guts, try to keep your ammo close, unlock weird hats and get crushed by a van!
While Gutwhales levels are randomly generated and can be played forever, the game has a definite ending that you can reach in 1 – 7 hours, depending on your experience with similar games!


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  • rebind jump

  • So you're saying they should have titled this Downwhale?

  • We established Downwell strats, but can you Space Invader strats those skulls as they're descending?

  • Nidhogg vibes with art and music

  • i bought the game and got all achievements in like 10 minutes. game gets boring after that its repetitive. good for the first 5 minutes tho

  • Apparently nl actually almooost beat the game lol.

  • NL is on a first name basis with The Binding of Isaac.

  • This might be a good pick for like a 5 episode miniseries just to see what the game has to offer

  • 16:11 "Why wouldnt we"
    16:17 is why

  • A word of warning to those who go and buy this like I did:

    You've seen all the game has to offer in this Northerlion Tries, as the third level is the final level of the game and there is no final boss or anything like that. The three hats available in the shop are the only hats you can buy in the game, and there is no randomization aspect that adds to its replayability.

    I fully completed the game including the optional achievements in half an hour.

    Still a very fun game due to the mechanics, but be warned you might be disappointed with the length/replay value

  • I could barely pay attention to the gameplay, the music is just so good!!

  • If you have time to randomly play this and post I, that would be cool. It doesn't even have to be a series. It's fun and chill.

  • Nice little game.

  • You were so close egg, level three is the final level.

  • There's so much chaotic energy in this video

  • This game is really fun, i beat it in 28 seconds! 😛

  • As someone who can't make games that capture in window capture, that hurt.

  • The soundtrack is awesome.

  • This gives me some really strong GoNNER vibes

  • R-NOR-NO

    Author Reply

    thanks for the company

  • Miniseries for this pls?

  • The final death made my scream with laughter and I'm embarrassed

  • You didnt even feed it 50 bullets..Nl is tormenting me.

  • 5:23 is one of them you?

    Haha, gottem.

  • Can you ask the developers for a key-giveaway?

  • NL : "In this video, you will see a different side of me >:)"
    Me: Oh cool! probably a dark or emotional game huh?
    NL : "I will be looking at the right monitor"
    Me: -_-

  • The sheer amount of times he respawns and immediately tries to pick up the bullet, getting him killed, is too many.

  • NL you okay? you look different today, as if your looking elsewhere

  • Omg this game's music is horrendous

  • Ryan has a right side? I always thought it was just a holographic projection.

  • I'd love to see him play more of this even though it's a simple game

  • Should change the video title to "Can You Last Longer Than 90 Seconds?"

  • I don't know if you're looking for new series right now but I would watch this, cool vid ty NL

  • I bet you can shoot up in this and NL just doesn't.

    Never change, NL.

  • The face cam is lowkey actually throwing me off🤔

  • VioVio

    Author Reply

    hey NL! have you seen Dreamscaper Prologue?

  • the track bangs ngl

  • “I guarantee you can beat my high score.”

    Are you sure about that?

  • Play Joust you coward!

  • Downwhale

  • I like right monitor Ryan. It looks like he's watching what's happening on the screen with me.

  • Is it just me or he looks different today? Is this still the same guy?

  • Didn't get to see what the frog did 🙁

  • This game looks cool

  • Little Northerlion Daffy Pancaked by Drunk Dumptruck Frog.