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  • Wish we could get a darkwood dlc instead of 3d things like this

  • Focus brother! You’re drying to sound over dramatic for effect. Darkwood is a worthy game on its own. If this 3D model is not up to snuff then so be it. But it still might be worth you reporting, and letting everyone know it’s not quite as good as the original.

  • Trash

  • this looks like crap compared to the actual game… it would be cool if someone really put effort into a 3D version though

  • You’re underrated, quality content, keep it up!

  • This is 1st person you idiot not 3d

  • The game is just so terrible that it’s sad these trash fan made game are ruining such great game

  • This has no atmospere like darkwood since the models have no artidtic direction and there are no environmental effects, unlike in darkwood. Overall this is just an asset flip made by a fan of darkwood.

  • wawawawa

    Author Reply

    Fuck you’re annoying

  • I feel like imagining your own game from the birds eye pov is way better.

  • This was actually very interesting 😀 i like how this was done 😀 accurate as hell!

  • One single article on the indieDB page and it's about the demo release. Not a single update since.
    Only a single vote giving it a 10/10, implying it's a perfect 3D adaption of the original…which it obviously isn't. Probably by another team member.
    "SGL Team" might be "Secret games lounge" which only seems to host flash games I'm not even going to try.

    At least they seem to have figured out that they can't pull this off and abandoned it. I have to give them credit for that much.

  • Take a breath ffs

  • The sound effect of picking up an item cheapens the ambience of what is darkwood. Just my opinion though…

  • Pretty sure salmon comes in a can, or it can if you choose to buy it like that…wouldn't recommend it…just catch your fish people lol.

  • Не уж то русские делали?
    У А У!
    Thank you for video

  • Nah… it's just not…the same !

  • Shit game. Doesn't even capture the look of the original. And why does the Can lit up like a fuckn sun laser ray?

  • Seriously, your monologue game is killing this video.
    I recommend making the subject of the video (Darkwood 3D) the focus.

  • Too colorful. Lost the aesthetic.


    Author Reply

    huh radio… what's going on with that radio?

  • stupid guy

  • lone… is this a 3rd account cuz i thought i followed your 2nd accnt

  • Raz GRaz G

    Author Reply

    i don't think darkwood should be an indie game tbh. its concept is way too uhh ya know… Should be overdeveloped in terms of graphics and all that stuff. I'm talking big game companies making it something huge, because again, it's a good concept the world of Darkwood.

  • Salmon comes in a tin can as well. I just found out tho.

  • Oh hey. Welcome back Lone!
    It’s been boring without you.

    This game has potential but man it needs some major work. I can’t wait to see if it holds a candle…torch? to the original. I hope they have their own assets… also where are the potatoes?!

  • I'm so happy to see you back again!