Darkwood Review

Darkwood is a gem of a survival horror game that has largely flown under the radar after its release from early access. This review covers the elements I think make it so terrifying.
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00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Game Premise
2:14 – Visuals
3:56 – Gameplay Mechanics
8:46 – Music & Sound Design
10:24 – Story
11:36 – Story (SPOILERS)
14:11 – Conclusions


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  • THE LIST –
    Darkwood on GOG –
    I'd strongly recommend giving Darkwood a try. It was hard not to show off too much of the game!

  • To arboribus or not to arboribus this is the question

  • On steam right now for 75% off…

  • You actually sold me this game. After about a year after purchasing this game on PS4, losing save-file and beating it on second attempt, I finally got here back to watch forbidden spoiler section.

    It felt as relieving as both of the game's endings. Thank you, Mandalore!

  • Just fall in love with the sound of groving mushrooms! 😉

  • This game seems like it will be easier to control on a console version but it’s not. I bought it on Mac and PS4. Mouse and keyboard is a lot easier.

  • I'll just repeat this to nudge Mando in the algorithm: my fiancee demanded that I play this game at midnight at New Year's Day. Neither of us had played it.
    "Are you sure, it's a scary game."
    Seconds later: she's sobbing and asked me how I handled the first scenario.
    "I did what I had to do."
    *More sobbing, me staring into the void and reflecting on my failures as a man

  • M9 N8 N8 Nllllllllllllllll what is a dark

  • just picked up darkwood thanks to your review, thank you.

  • Alright. What was that at 10:23 ??

  • Ralph think this video scary but in good way

  • LMAO @ 10:05

  • What's that thing at 10:22 ?

  • Love Fallout soundtrack in background, fits this game well

  • Thanks man, you convinced me to buy this game and I really like it.

  • BonzoBonzo

    Author Reply

    Polish game
    "This is definitely an eastern european game"

  • Seems like a lot of people like and bought this game. I wonder why Acid Wizard (Darkwood's Developer) has been COMPLETELY silent since their console launch. I REALLY want another Darkwood. Or any other game those guys care to make. This might just be my favorite game.

  • The game feels like something made by Beksiński come to life.

  • Just got it. I'm really stressed.

  • 9:45 If you liked the bit where the guy banging his head on the table became part of the game's soundtrack, then you really should play Get Even, which is full of this kind of dynamic music.

  • bricky did it best

  • reminds me of silent hill

  • As someone who lives in eastern Slovakia, i can say this game is somewhat unrealistic.

  • This game is absolutely great.

  • I just finished darkwood and boy oh boy i got slapped by how hard and deep this game is. It’s a must play !!!

  • C CC C

    Author Reply

    10:23 what the hell is that awful shit?!?

  • Bio arborabis is redundant, arboria is biological, how about LOVECRAFTIAN FLORA!

  • So what are we in the game? Normal human?

  • This game feels like a childhood nightmare put into a video game