Don't Change a Thing! The Challenges of Evolving Solitaire

In this 2017 GDC session, MobilityWare’s Russell Carroll shares the experience of updating Solitaire for a modern mobile audience, and what features they were able to update while grappling with intense resistance to any changes made to the core game.

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  • It works only for already existing game. Additionally with big base of players, that if you piss out 5K of them, it doesn't matter in overall.
    But otherwise, there are some good ideas. (y)

  • Revenue, customers, risks… blah blah blah…

  • I'm curious how they accomplish or work towards 'win/lose together.' That seems like it would be really difficult to bring about. Perhaps creating a culture where the failure is not seen negatively is enough? When I think about a person saying under their breath or to their coworkers in private 'I always thought that was a stupid idea' I picture a person who is trying to distance themselves from that failure, trying to stand out (if only to themselves) as someone who doesn't get things wrong, etc. Beyond the culture in any company, everyone exists in the larger culture of society and being wrong is very strongly opposed in general. The book 'Being Wrong' is a good one that is about the topic and mentions how it holds people back from improving personally.

  • This was a great talk.

  • 25:27 – 25:45 highlight of the talk

  • Just a heads up… the guy is a producer, so expect a PoV from a producer side of things, not a designer or programmer.

  • This talk comes with some good ideas! Nice 🙂