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  • it causes immense psychic damage to me when i see someone use the BFG from a super long range
    its not just me tho right?
    caddy just wasted like 80% of the BFG's damage
    (also, insert joke about GITCY being critisized for cheating but then caddy cheating here)

  • The original Doom is legitimately one of my favorite video games of all time, like probably up in the top 5. I own a copy of it on nearly every single console I own.

  • No one old me about Id is a classic from doom one it’s other wise known as the cyber demon boss theme

  • 4:13 oh is this where that audio clip came from? Well shit thanks, you made so many guitar hero meme songs so much better.

  • What is that doom soundfont

  • Haha at the end of the video he said happy birthday which is funny because it’s my 14th birthday today.

  • wait till he sees HDooM……

  • Sad no one ever brings up the true doom 3 doom 64

  • 6:38 yup that room is waaaay to big

  • Pistol starting when you die?
    (Laughs in GZ Doom)

  • I watched this before playing any doom games. I have now played doom 1, 2, 2016, and eternal and I now understand how accurate the plot summary of "Ya Kill S**t" is.

  • Caddy:doom gets the salvage

    The salvage land:oh shit

  • Is it just me or does the shotgun look wrong

  • what music track from pokemon red is that because I think its indigo plateau but the tempo speed is different

  • Ever play brutal doom?

  • I thought Doom was a bad game because I only got to play the sega saturn port… then I played the original version

  • The PS1 version of Doom 1.. Has Doom 2 weapons.. And Doom 2 monsters….

  • Ash DAsh D

    Author Reply

    Technically Pokemon Snap is a first person shooter.

  • I don't mind the cheat codes you used in your review of DOOM for the PS1; specifically because they didn't advance you through the game with little to no effort. I can respect those cheat codes much more than the ones that do all the really hard work for you; like instantly being teleported to the final boss. You know; like how another game reviewer liked to use cheat codes in game reviews on "Gaming in the Clinton Years".

  • What was the song form 2:26 to 2:28

  • I keep coming back to this for that video game theme music montage.

  • Thank God I’m not the only one who likes pepsi

  • This is how I like to describe the plot of Doom:
    "You're on Mars. There are demons. You'd much prefer that there not be demons."

  • Justice for Daisy

  • Best game ever, & I mean that most utterly in a very thorough sense, adamantly! (Very frustating that the original CD does not work on the PS2 that I was recently given, before the madness …(PS1 backwards compatability of the PS2 is great, apart from THE FLIPPIN' BEST PS1 GAME not working with it! ). Coming from a CBM Amiga 500 to this game on a cheap console was so mind blowing way back when. Currently playing again through emulation DUE TO BEING LOCKED INDOORS BY A MEDDLESOME MICROBE, as are we all…

  • But what about doom eternal caddy

  • 3:06 ah that’s why I hated doom when I was younger

  • Great game, but the classic pc controls are actually horrible. Arrow keys are tank controls. The , and . keys are strafe with ctrl to shoot. With weapon switching ties to the number keys. Thank god you can use a more modern control scheme in recent releases

  • doom 64 da best.

  • The morrowind theme is more iconic than the skyrim theme seeing as it's the same exact motif theyve been using for the past 18 years

  • Can confirm this game never ages, seriously it's that good.

  • 14:41 wtf😂😂

  • Do you guys think he should do Doom 64?

  • The pc version has the best soundtrack

  • The secret switch in level 1 is only in the PC version and subsequent re-releases of the Ultimate Doom.

  • Mortal Kombat would have to be the best gaming theme since non gamers even know of it's existence

  • Ah yes, the great stories of videogames:
    You are a plumber saving a princess from a monster.
    you are a hedgehog trying to save his homeland from an evil scientist.