Doom Slayer McFarlane Toys Doom Eternal Review

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JobbytheHong reviews the McFarlane Toys Doom Slayer AKA Doomguy from the id Software / Bethesda video game Doom Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 Doom reboot.

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  • This guy is the Filthy Frank of toy reviewers 😂

  • It's not good enough jobby, it should be mp10

  • Win I just gon to the website that sold out the finger

  • The only doom games i played were the original ones. Just picked up the bronze edition from walgreens today
    Gotta say its a solid figure but wish it had more neca or bandai style of joints. Hate the way the stand is in thr box

  • I saw how Prime got em

  • No tf2 portal and half life for smash

  • When the modoka godzilla prime returns:N U T

  • Me:

    Jobbys thumbnail: him in doomslayer helmet*

    Me: dies of laughter*

  • i can feel the toy

  • The new and improved filthy frank everybody

  • Got eem 4:48

  • There's a marauder figure

  • "In doom eternal, old Betty has a d###." HAD ME DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 4:09

  • Darn it Jobby u made me search HDoom

  • dom slyar

  • Hey Jobby, Awesome review as always. Since you dropped the "Doomguy for Smash" bit in the video I thought you might like this.

    I have a video series called Smash Spec spotlighting different characters and theorizing on how they could work as fighters in Smash Bros. and my 7th episode was all about the Doom Slayer, or Doomguy as he is also called, I think you should check it out. Would love some feedback from a more successful YouTuber.

  • But does he RIP AND TEAR?


  • Spinel what ive done ?!

  • You were too nice to this guy lol, Anthonyscustoms tore it a new one😂

  • Oh he did review me

  • Whats the name of the doom song?

  • Only those who actually watch him freak out are the only ones who know monicagodzillaprime

  • What if you use wd40 instead of the hair dryer?

  • This guy is like Maxmoefoe but without the pokemon cards

  • The doom 2016 is not a reboot

  • they should've added the crucible that woulda been cool

  • Man I do like doom the best game I ever see the doom slayer is so awesome

  • HOW IS IT THAT YOUR SLAYER CAME WITH THE RIGHT PADS? Mine came with two green pads instead of a brown one and a green one.

  • Yes. Please.

    Doom slayer for smash

  • If this is the only damn guy that comes out I'll get it but me personally I would like a better paint job, better articulation and a few more accessories Maybe a chainsaw, machine gun, and I beat up demon I think that would be cool

  • Guys we need to make a Madoka Godzilla Leader. Madoka Godzilla Prime's more affordable counterpart.

  • "I've heard some good things about the company. Mostly" I love that so much you don't understand how much joy I felt with that joke

  • Wait…i just noticed there's Airi drawing on the background….what???

  • Got the Phobos Armour figure today for my bday. It sucked. Just a brick. Couldn’t even hold his gun. Huge disappointment. Also got the marauder figure. Same problem.