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  • so that's 10 bucks a game, plus a poster and skin. 40 bucks for 4 games I don't have. Absolutely a steal.

  • How do I use the code?

  • KiryuKiryu

    Author Reply

    1 and 2 is like 10megabytes

  • KiryuKiryu

    Author Reply

    they could have included a DVD with doom 123 buuuut oki at least paper cannot get scratched

  • DelioDelio

    Author Reply

    Slayer edition Costa 27 euro for me rn

    Lets hope Doom eternal drops Down in the price in a few years

  • Just a repackaged DOOM 2016 with the same disc and a download code. Smh. Damn shame

  • They didn't put any codes in the case for DOOM 64 if you pre-ordered DOOM Eternal, no the retailer that you pre-ordered the game from had to send you a mail to activate DOOM 64 and it depends on the retailer and bc a lot of people are working home etc due to corona virus I didn't got my digital copy of DOOM 64

  • KylerKyler

    Author Reply

    It takes him so long to just open the fuckin box

  • 🙁

  • so what one is doom 2016 cause when I do the code it does doom 1993, doom, doom 2, doom 3 wheres the doom 2016?

  • This had so much potential but they botched it. The disc is actually identical to the 2016 in fact it is the 2016 disc and the original trilogy is just downloads. I much prefer physical. Also already own the 2016 on disc and the original trilogy release on Xbox one digital of course because that’s the only way it’s available.

  • I want to play doom 1 and 2 with the playstation 1 atmospheric soundtrack

  • Man god damm Microsoft with there damm codes I should gat this for my PS4 instead 😡

  • Question, did this version include all the patches for DOOM 2016 on the disc?

  • One thing that wasn't included was Doom 64 but it's coming out with Doom Eternal if you pre-order it so yeah but I have all the Doom games from this and Doom 64 on my N64 but I bought the slayers collection for ps4 I can't wait for it I found out from the slayers club

  • Every time I try to play multiplayer or snap maps it says content pending install how do I fix this the game is fully downloaded at least I thought it was

  • I just want that sticker for my controller

  • Just ordered it for 20$. You should have waited. Plus the 10$ rebate i really get it all for 10$. Cant go wrong

  • Okay I'm not going to lie I do own the Doom BFG collection because it was $9 at my local game store. I also bought this collection because you get a $10 mail-in rebate and the cool controller skin. Other than that the 4k helps it does run 60fps now.

  • I mean it's cheaper for them to do it that way, it's some extra revenue.

    70% of games are digital now anyway, I haven't got any room for more physical stuff.

  • Thanks for the video, I don't see the point on buying this if you own already doom 2016. I can just get the rest digital. I was hoping something like the ps3 collection.

  • mkevzmkevz

    Author Reply

    actually its $30 at most places currently, and im personally glad the games are codes because it means they are separate and I can play the games in full (and on my 360 if supported) instead of them all being tied to the disc and in an overall "collection" game (like halo mcc)

  • I just got this it’s a great set it’s awesome it gets a 10/10 from me.

  • Is there another image behind the poster?

  • Bought this not long ago and loved it because I didn't already own the three originals, kind of a bummer you didn't get to get a physical copy that would have bummed me out too if I already owned it, I just like everything doom

  • DOOM Slot Machine Edition 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Guess I no reason to replace my doom 3 bfg disc

  • I get why id didn't really advertize this. It was a smart move. But on the bright side, you got 4 DOOM games for only 40 bucks, 4K. A revenant poster…

    I see this as an absolute Win.

  • What a load of HORSE CRAP! I want the games ON THE DISK!!!!

  • Developers need to stop this digital code bullshit

  • 😂😂😂 you sound so disappointed

  • Yoo that iss cool bruh i want it lol

  • Doom 3 BFG, despite its flaws, is better than this. Plus I have Game Pass that has Doom 2016. So I'm set. I just need Doom Eternal and also get Doom64 and I'm ready. Still wish they bring TnT Evilution and Plutonian Experiment.

  • Wow! That was like a bad wet dream.

  • I just saw this game at Best Buy, I was going to buy it but I said to myself, let's watch some reviews first. I'm glad I didn't get, forget this, not getting it.

  • this collection worth only 10$ because of the stupid codes

  • is the data for DOOM 2016 on the disc or you need to download updates?

  • Quick question, the code that is for doom eternal, is it a code for the Xbox store?

  • What a ripoff

  • They already did a doom collection with Doom 3 BFG edition Xbox one case version for 20$cad at walmart, in my opinion it is was way better as the poster is from the original Doom and all the content is on the disc which include Doom 1, Doom 2 and Doom 3 with dlc , No Doom 2016 but for the price its ok , so I will not buy this as I already have a better alternative but it is very weird that they put these out without any notice