Elite Dangerous Background Radio Chatter and Ambient Space Static

Inspired by the new in-game radio chatter heard at stations. This custom-made hour long track adds a layer of sci-fi ambience to the universe. It evokes an atmosphere of interstellar radio communications, electronic signalling and space static. The volume and frequencies used add a level of ambient immersion, without distracting from or fighting with important in-game sounds and official radio chatter.

Instructions: Simply play the track in a browser as you play the game.

Having problems? Soundcloud version:


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  • 7:31 Sounded like the Imperial Probe Droids

  • KB 99KB 99

    Author Reply

    This just appeared in my feed! I want this, thank you!

  • reminds me of my radio watch back in the very late 1950s. especially between midnight and 6 am. now i listen to this when i take my afternoon nappy

  • I wonder what the dudes are actually saying

  • Just now seeing this. Could have used it when I was grinding my millions.

  • Nice.🙂🙂

  • Anybody here from Black Mesa Disaster on one Map/Black Mesa Incident- A Streaming Log of Cellular & Distress Transmissions?

  • 25:37

  • very good

  • Seriously? Just because of a few similar beeps this whole thing got claimed by UMG? Fucking hell…

  • I play these two audio tracks along with this one to create my own unique ambiance.

  • J GJ G

    Author Reply

    Reminds me of being in an M113 Command Vehicle in Grafenwoehr Germany… taking turns to sleep for a couple of hours, this would drift in my mind… 1st AD

  • at 6:30 tehre's a military chatter on fire for effect mission and coordinates.

  • This is better listening while playing Star Citizen

  • Hey I'm creating a short sci-fi film. I'd love to use this in the background.

  • This give me vibes of a Science team entering a Derelict alien ship telling the rest of the crew back on there ship about what they see through radio.

  • Thanks a million for this! I have this playing along the original soundtrack and it blends in great! Now I just wish the creators would at least offer some dummies to place in those empty seats in single player mode!

  • 👽

  • nice!!

  • Put this in the background of some SciFi music (Interstellar or something).
    Thank me later

  • I saved this because I love radio chatter thanks