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Defend Mode

Hunters need to defend the generators and fuel line for the duration of the timer. As each generator falls, it takes longer for the fueling process so more time is added onto the clock. Barriers will also drop, allowing entry into the next area. With each generator a set number of sentry turrets are available for slight defense against the Monsters. If hunters are incapped and picked up during the game they will incur a strike and have a lower maximum health pool. If they die at any time in game, they will respawn on a 30 second dropship that will remove all their strikes and restore them to full health. Monsters, however will not have any means to regain lost life.

Defend Tactics: Monsters

Waves of two minions will periodically charge towards the generator in a mindless rage enough to ignore most attacks for a while and focus on the generator, but they may eventually switch targets when enough damage is done to them. You can use these attacks to your advantage. If you can delay hunters to fight you away from the generator, while your minions destroy it they will make progress on it.

Try to kill only two hunters at a time and when a dropship is coming in, kill another two hunters. This will keep them at half strength during fights. Be wary, however that you aren’t losing too much life for this, because the respawn timer is only 30 seconds, and they will respawn with no strike penalties.

Sentry turrets are stationary targets and will damage your minions and you if within close range. Take them out as soon as possible to keep your minions alive longer.

There will always be some wildlife available in areas where the generator is still active. Consider falling back every once in a while to regain armor, but watch the clock because you will lose it the timer counts down to 0.

Defend Tactics: Hunters

Mobile arenas can play an important role in defend mode to lock down minions and the Alpha monster from reaching the generator.

Trappers and their crowd controlling effects should make use of their equipment to slow down the monsters progress towards the generator while the hunters focus fire them.

Keep an eye out on the respawn timer. Although it takes 30 seconds to respawn and more to jump out, you won’t have any strike penalties, but the monster may try to keep a handful of hunters in rotation alive.

It may be viable to go right after the monster if you can kill it fast enough. Watch your timer and generator health to decide if it is the right time to execute such a strategy.

Only the Alpha monster will focus on sentry turrets, so be aware that they may become the Alpha’s focus at some point.


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