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Rescue Mode

There are three waves of survivor rounds. The first two waves spawn two survivors each. Hunters need to escort them to a rescue point then hold the position for survivors as dropship gets signaled in to arrive and provide evac. Throughout these waves, the first team to score five survivors (either escaped or killed) wins.

Rescue Tactics: Monster

It is viable to let hunters save the first wave of survivors and position yourself close to a central location that lets you get to the next spawn location as it may be too risky to engage at stage 1.

Survivors are always easier targets than hunters. Consider focusing them down while hunters focus on you.

Humans that are getting healed and shielded while incapped, can prevent a monster from killing it, so it may not be worth it to attack incapped survivors while hunters are shooting at you. Consider getting out of their line of fire, letting hunters other than Lazarus revive them so that they incur a strike, and then incap them again. 3 strikes and they’re out without a Lazarus device.

If Lazarus is in the game, he can become the monster’s bane, so either eat survivors or take him out of the equation. He isn’t invincible, but you should not ignore him.

Rescue Tactics: Hunters

Pay attention to the survivors. The monster is likely going to focus them down since they are easier to kill than a hunter. You only need 5 to escape and win.

Survivors will automatically head for the evacuation point once the drop ship has arrived. Distracting the monsters while they run for it, is a viable tactic. This makes the mobile arena extremely useful if survivors are outside of its 60 meter radius when it comes down to lock the monster in.

If a monster is beating down on an incapped survivor do what you can to inflict as much damage to monster health as possible, while keeping the survivor alive. Make it cost the monster for having spent the time to take one of the objectives.


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