Faster Adobe Premiere: Edit PC & Render PC — Networked Rendering (Part 1 of 2)


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    Author Reply

    Could I use mac os to linux/Windows pc?

  • A lot of rambling about everything except the topic, yet even at 12min into a 14mins video, all you say is to create a watch folder. With a title labeled "Faster Adobe Premiere: Edit PC & Render PC — Networked Rendering" i expected to get info on how to setup network rendering not how premiere thinks and what codecs are

  • can you run multiple VMs on one PC? and get the same effect?

  • Do you think rendering PC actually needs a good graphic card? It sounds like most of Premier work is done by CPU and network rendering machine can go with a nice CPU but generic GPU.

  • EposVox was here

  • is this still the best hardware ?

  • This video is the answer to all my questions in life. Can't wait to try this and speed up my render time

  • Ummmm. You are aware, are you not that you have a great voice? as in for voice-over work? Do you have an agent?

    I need this video right now, thanks. I am absolutely the target audience you describe only with really uninteresting projects. 😉

  • Best way to improve your video editing/rendering workflow is to get rid of Adbobe Premiere and upgrade to Davinci Resolve. Basic version of Davinci Resolve is free, so you can download it from BMD's website and play with it to see how powerful – and almost infinitely customizable – it is. No subscription fee nonsense, either. Very powerful software.

  • Wendell, I love you bro. Thank you for this. Keep it up with the top-tier informative content, you're filling a tech video shaped void on this site.

  • Wendell, you may have just addressed an issue I've been trying to troubleshoot for some time. I didnt know windows didn't schedule gpu load as it does with cpu. Very interesting. FYI, I'm a professional editor here in the UK primarily based on Avid (which definitely needs to be explored with consumer hardware, being xeon or nothing for years now) but also use premiere, resolve, light works, vegas… You name it. Would love to have a conversation dude!

  • Where did you get the Limited Edition Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64 card.
    I've been looking for that exact model and cannot find it anywhere. Do i have to call Sapphire Ed to get hooked up.

  • i can see Wendell being recruit by Adobe

  • sucks to be a Mac OS user

  • zero dislikes a week later

  • Ah, this video reminded me of the never ending problems of codex in Windows and how much I used VirtualDub etc. Hmm, I wonder how good the adobe media encoder is in terms of quality of output. There is information online that say it is not that good, this is only about the encoding and quality of the encoded final file.

  • Better donate for Kdenlive than spending money every month for adobe "software".

  • I wish YouTube would stop playing above 1080p my phone is only a pixel XL it's too old for 1440p

  • We need part 2!

  • The fact that this video has zero dislikes after over 10,000 views speaks to the quality of this channel and Wendell.

  • Really looking for that Radeon VII info. I'm really ruining the VII is my next card. It is a much more affordable option for 10-Bit video output Vs a Quadro.

  • Delete System32? 😁

  • I went with the threadripper 2950x after watching your videos. Rediculously happy now editing.

  • I think i fell into a rabbit hole…

  • $150 for home 10gbe, are we talking managed switch and all?

  • Just out of curiousity, would one of Sapphire's 16GB RX 570s provide any advantage over more powerful cards with less memory, or is it too much of a performance hit?

  • Just built a 9900k / 1080ti / 64 Gb ram machine and premiere is still fairly choppy with multi track 4k XAVCS A73 footage with LUT's. Would having two machines improve live playback if rendering time isn't a concern?

  • Wendell. would it make sense (if you already have a high end workstation) to virtualize to two machines then? Or would two entirely separate machines still be better for PP?

  • „Radeon VII is awesome“, i‘m smelling a lot of „cats per minute“ here.

  • m mm m

    Author Reply

    I switched to resolve.. render speed problem solved.

  • Not entirely sure but I think there will be more videos released on the weekend

  • I've watched the hardware part a few times, the 9700k is with a Vega 64 and the 2950x is with a Radeon 7? You have b roll of a Radeon Pro card at 11:24, what machine is that in?

  • Have you thought about talking to/working with FXguide about jointly covering this area? FXGuide mostly produce industry podcasts, however their training arm is one of the principle resources for specialist training in post/graphics/gaming etc. For example deep dive learning into Industry standard tools like Nuke, mudbox, Marie, Renderman etc

  • remote kdenlive automated render box using inotify please 😀

  • Q: When is a networking equipment related to jewelry?
    A: 1:32

  • Pause it at 1:45 you will thank me