Can you block without being blocked?
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Players take turns placing their game pieces onto the grid. The rules are simple – Pieces of the same color MUST touch, and pieces of the same shape must NOT touch.

Meanwhile, you also want to keep as many pegs adjacent to your game pieces open as possible.

Be clever. Be creative.

Whoever places the most pieces onto the grid wins the game. Or, whoever has the most open pegs surrounding their game pieces wins the game!

Game of placing pieces onto a grid while blocking opponents
Encourages strategy skills, planning, critical thinking, logic
2 to 4 players
Take turns placing one game piece onto the grid
Same colors MUST touch, same shapes must NOT touch
Player with most pieces on the grid wins
OR – Player with most open spaces around their game pieces wins the game
Includes 16 game pieces (4 each in green, blue, magenta, orange), game board
Detailed game rules and instructions included
High-quality materials and construction – lasting durability

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