How to Model, Sculpt and Texture 3D Weapons for Games [FULL HOUR OF AMAZING TIPS & TRICKS]

In this 3D Weapon Tutorial, Fabio is going to show us how he created his stylized weapon in ZBrush and Substance Painter, and what you need to do to start creating your own stylized weapons.
This tutorial is a full hour long filled with TONS of information.

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  • Best and most detailed tutorial yet. Thumbs up.

  • Very cool design!

  • But I voted for blender video 🙁

  • Fabio has the most italian american accent you can get.

  • this is not a tutorial but a breakdown. Nice information tho

  • Do you have an image preview of each item in the coloring book?

  • What an epic accent.

  • Grande Fabio

  • Hey nice guys, thanks to Fabio for including me in the initial explanation, however, take better reference next time hahahaha 😀

  • +1 for fabio's accent

  • No hate, but these are more like breakdowns of already finished models rather than tutorials 🙂