INTO THE VOID | 1-HOUR | Epic Futuristic Space Music Mix | Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Music

Enjoy this 1-Hour epic music mix, epic futuristic music. From Inspirational space music to powerful sci-fi hybrid music.
Don’t know what that is? Just let it capture you. It will.


00:00 Position Music – A Moment Of Falling
01:48 Revolt Production Music – Paradigm (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban) )
03:29 Jeremiah Pena – Into the Singularity
05:40 Position Music – Into The Blinding Silence
07:53 Revolt Production Music – Dream Or Reality (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
10:12 Jeremiah Pena – Collapse Reality (No Vocals)
12:41 Revolt Production Music – Cygnus
14:33 Twelve Titans Music – Dreaming In Technicolor
16:59 Revolt Production Music – Final Hours (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
19:11 Position Music – Quantum
22:24 Position Music – Radiate
26:34 Revolt Production Music – Written In The Shadows (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
28:24 Twelve Titans Music Empty Spaces
30:59 Revolt Production Music – Heart Of Eternity (Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban)
32:52 Jeremiah Pena – Pillars of Creation
36:06 Elephant Music – Amplitude
38:40 Twelve Titans Music – Gravity Wave
41:42 Position Music – Lumen
47:02 Revolt Production Music – Event Horizon
49:10 Elephant Music – Supernova
51:29 Max Legend – Destiny
54:43 Position Music – Aberration
57:49 Charles Evans – Gamma Draconis

00:00 Picture by Tohad
12:41 Picture by Markus “Braxxy” Brackelmann
28:24 Picture by cat-meff
41:42 Picture by 2buiArt

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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  • Thank you so much for not filling this with ads that break the brilliant immersion!

  • Nobody:

    Not even me:

    Read More….

  • The meek will inherit the earth… and those who are not meek will inherit the heavens…

  • this should just be named " substance painter reel music"


  • 13:16 so good

  • Damn dont you guys just wish you were born at the end of time itself when nothing exists

  • Oh yeah… Time Tunneling … we do this quite often…. Great fun messing up the space / time continuum

  • Finally, some decent void ambience, I've been stifled out here

  • hi

  • 1000th comment

  • yeet

  • how does this video take 30% of my cpu
    holy hell

  • Writing a book and this is the EXACT mood I want it to have. I'll let y'all know in the future if it gets published 😉

    Wish me luck!!!!!

  • Fun fact: I'm 13 so I'll see y'all in the future

  • caruscarus

    Author Reply

    musique de merde …

  • 47:02 – 49:10– 51:09 for future, we all need to sacrifice our sense of lust and the sense of anger, then I think we'll be able to see the real space….

  • This makes me wish I was eternally young (but not immortal) so I could possibly live to see the evolution of technology in the far future.

  • Hello Conal and others sharing the sentiment of being born too early. I am reminded of this quote: “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

  • listening while reading comments lol

  • Nice music super made😉👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️👏📡🎼🔭

  • dave matthews band

  • 00:00 // 01:54 // 03:45 // 07:09 // 11:10 // 12:42 //
    17:16 // 20:13 // * 24:36 // * 26:58 //
    * 28:26 // * 30:59 // * 32:54 //
    35:59 // 39:03 // * 49:11 // 55:04 //

  • The universe may be infinite and gigantic but we'll never stop shearching for new planets, new stars, new galaxies. This is only the starting of a new generation. Because our civilization discovered more than a rocky planet that doesn't mean that we're finished. We are just the starting of a new era.
    Never give up. Remember all these humans that exploring a void. Is not because of the money but for a new home in the far future. Remember your adventures in this world. You just discovered much in your litle garden universe in the past but now you have to accept reallity and be one of us. A human! We are really small for this world but our minds are a hole universe of calculating and shearching. Our progenitors will be proud of you if you'll make a step futher in this world. Try hard and never give up! There is not always reward but there is always hope. Stay alive and determinated for the next day.

  • Thank you. I listen to this music when I am coding. I want to be an astronaut one day or to create a company for spacecraft.

  • Marvelous

  • kill this love blackpink

  • during online school i would turn this of and get so immersed

    : sheds tear

  • Looks like Artemis fowl music

  • Tring to remember all I had. Didn't right iit all down.