LANDac Online Encounter: Multifaceted Challenges of Land and Climate Change

This webinar was co-hosted by Oxfam Novib, LANDac and the Land Portal, and it is part of the LANDac online encounter 2020
Oxfam is active on both climate justice and land justice. To better understand respective work and reflections, we organized a land learning journey in Uganda last year.
In our exchange between Oxfam partners from various countries, working at global and local level, we found out that the problem to be addressed is threefold. Firstly, climate change has a disproportionate impact on people depending on land and natural resources. Secondly, the dominant exploitative relationship toward land resources, based on an unequal economic model, is among the major contributors to human-induced climate change. And lastly, land-base solutions to combat climate change might increase competition on land, and could perpetuate inequality in use/control of land.


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