Let's Play SEASON 2 – Episode 05 – Killing the Ender Dragon… AGAIN

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World Download:

– The world download will be released every 5 episodes –

Coordinates: 11500 -15400
World Seed: 1372009311490015514


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Mods used:
– The Replay Mod
– Optifine

Minecraft Replay Mod:

Video Music:
Song: Nekzlo – Family (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link:

Ender Dragon Battle Music:
Song: Fire and Thunder
Artist: Cjbeards

“Cjbeards – Fire and Thunder” is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0).
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright:


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  • it isn't cheating

  • Anybody know why his two worlds are connected

  • 8:04 what the hell

  • Theres a DIY Foundry complete video in your playlist for Lets Play Season 2, between episodes 4 and 5.

  • Can You Play Minecraft Without Using the Mod Replay

  • hey how can i locate your other base after downloading

  • If you make a Season 3 could it also be on the same world? It could be a multiplayer world and people could explore the different stuctures you've built.

  • Smelt sideways

  • Omg i would have reset the End Dimension(like delete it from the files) So you get the fresh Vanilla end, and you get all of the Shulker cities that you would have already raided

  • i didn´t understood the part of the download somebody can explain that??? please

  • So uhhh you gonna build a castle?

  • What texture pack are you using

  • noob hacker

  • you hack because u got a diamond ore

  • this man has a DIY foundry in his playlist is anyone gonna talk abt that

  • Hey, just would like to let you know you have a very random video about "DIY Foundry" in this series playlist. I was very confused when watching the playlist, so yeah.

  • Oh and I forgot to include, watching your time lapse mining is really relaxing please don’t cut out too much.

  • I really wish you would have done the bedroom with the coral you collected, but still great video.

  • Name the Silk Touch Pickaxe '' Season I ''

  • Archelaus, why is your 5th video, a video from "OldTown": DIY foundry complete, in your playlist?

  • What

  • Ur end luck is so good

  • Plz join hermitcraft season 7!

  • Yes

  • Use the ender man farm!

  • I think using builds of season 1 is cheating


    Author Reply

    at minute 1:48 you can see how he cheats, because you can not get a diamond or redstone ore, because if you build diamond ore, you get the diamonds directly

  • Hello 😀

  • it not fare , u even show the ender portal that you said , i have burn my minute for u

  • make gold farm in the nether roof

  • Mr TRMr TR

    Author Reply

    You are not a pro Minecrafter no more

  • That timelapse song at the end so good

  • You should join Hermitcraft

  • Just finished watching helmfirth isles, you should do another mini series like it but on a huge island.

  • You are making people wants to play Minecraft nice work👏👏

  • SuGaRSuGaR

    Author Reply

    It was very interesting !
    If you like, can you add a Japanese translation function to enjoy your videos more?

  • Dont use Enderman Farm!

  • Oh my god the dramatic black screen very good

  • SoapySoapy

    Author Reply

    2:03 smelt it down

  • Yes the enderman farm is ok to keep

  • Barely watching cause i didn't see the noti😞😑

  • To me new season so new start –> don't use the enderpearl farm ^^

  • I love that you're keeping in the mistakes. They can be quite funny! Loving this series!

  • Wow Bro am waiting for next video 👍👌