MANGO MANIA (Game Walkthrough)

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About this game:
If you have warm feelings to mangos, you aren’t much different from the hero of Mango Mania game. Except maybe the fact the he is a nice-looking funny green dude. Anyway, both of you can enjoy this mango hunting adventure equally much. The fruits are scattered all over the place, let’s pick and eat them all.

How to play
This is a classic jumping game. A player helps the main hero to collect all the objects on the playground and reach the exit. All you have to do is tap on the screen and find the way to the next level. Just like this:
1. Tap to move.
2. Tap to jump.
3. Pick the mangos.
4. Pick the jewels.
5. Avoid pits, cannons, spikes, crushing walls.
6. Reach the exit.
7. Repeat on the next level.

— There are three mangos on the every level. Each collected mango shows the excellence of your final result.
— If you don’t manage to gather all mangos, you can still move to the next level, just with a lower score. The hero, however, looks upset when it happens.
— To pass through the door, you have to open it with the diamond.
— Diverse obstacles are waiting – dangerous pits, fast-flying cannonballs, crashing walls, sharp spikes. There is no time to get bored.
— There are ten achievements to reach – do your best to deal with all.


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