Nintendo DSi In 2019! (10 Years Later!) (Review)


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The Nintendo DSi came out in 2009, so how does it hold up 10 years later? Let’s find out!

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Nintendo DS Lite In 2019! (13 Years Later!) (Review):


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  • My parents got me the Dsi XL back in 2012ish and it was great back then and still is

  • I have a brand new one

  • The first real game console i had along with ps2

  • To this day I dont know what happened to my dsi😣😣😣

  • My DSi broke in 2013 I got in 2012 cause my 3Ds battery broke so often my dad bought me a DSi. one year Later I got a 3Ds xl. Also I’m born 2007 so fuck all the 2004 kids saying me not knowing about the old consoles I owned them I still have a ps3

  • You could also say the ds lite and the dsi are like the iphone 6s and 7 cause of the headphonegameboy slot

  • I miss those days, playing with my DSi in the car, going to restaurantes and loosing my pen in the car xD and scrambling to find it, HAHA

  • Nintendo DSi is 12 years old rn!! and I´m 13 xD about to be 14 in a couple months

  • I still have my RED Nintendo DSi xD everythign is fine but I can´t find the charger so its been ded for some long years also I lost the case containing lots of my game cards, so I can´t play any games. RIP ME, but I want to see whats on my SD card, I think I have photos or smth liek that, Idk

  • iswimiswim

    Author Reply

    Anyone bothered by the fact that the top screen part had edges that were kinda smoothed out but the bottom part didn’t cut the edges out

  • I lost mine and now I’m sad

  • I just got this year my DSi as soon as I had ir released the system xD

  • The DS lite changed my life too. I sold all my legos on Craigslist to afford it, and honestly, worth it. Animal Crossing wild world got me through some dark times

  • Got my DSi in 2009 and now the ribbon cable got ripped, making the sd card slot and R button not working. There are stains inside the screen and it drains fast. I badly want to get it fixed. T^T

  • After 7 long years with me, since I was four, my DSi is still with 11 now and still play it. My favorite and newest game is Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story :DDDD

  • 😱HOW do you get your games / systems from Japan ???!

  • I wish I could find mine…it has pictures of my old dog on it man ;(

  • This comments section is full of veterans who started with a really old version of the DS i

  • i still have my dsi but touch screen is not working now

  • My dsi is charging at my left and my phone in my hand lol

  • I still have mine

  • I still have it and it works perfect!😂

  • We are reaching nostalgia levels we’ve never reached

  • The DSi still has the GBA processor and can play GBA games via the SD card if you hack it.

  • I had my DSI for only 2 years and accidently left it in my aunts car at Minnesota

  • i got my epic dsi back in 2010 (i think) and i used it ALL THE TIME it was pink and i still have it today!

  • Is this the one Where YOU can make animations?😂

  • My dsi dont want to work 10 years after

  • I have war zone on this. Runs at 90fps

  • I have 2 which I found. A yellow and a green one. I couldn’t find many games tho

  • Im only 11 but i own every ds and three game boy advances. One game boy color. And a original game boy

  • I remember in 2nd grade when everyone had a dsi and I was flexing on everyone with my 3ds

  • rainrain

    Author Reply

    commenting just so this at 420 comments (also i just bought a dsi for the nostalgia)