Official game highlights. Call of Duty Warzone challenge with other streamers 🔥

Quick Mix up of some highlights. Woke up, hit the head checked Facebook and saw DeadEye Dan going crazy fragging. He was looking for a few to join on Warzone Trios and I offered to join. Definitely not quite awake, hadn’t been up for an hour. Still GG’s. Full sweaty video can be found, DeadEye Dan and Deadly on FB.GG.

Top 10% in Wins, Top 10% in KD. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale. Tips, Tricks, High IQ Plays, Best Loadouts, funny mistakes, memes, it’s all here.

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Lets do this together: 😀😀😀

For my OCD Fam, we have to fix this. It needs to end in thebrandonaf so subscribe. Please… this hurts. 😘😘

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Beats by SexualB:
TheBrandonAF means, well you know…. TheBrandon As F#$%!!!
Can I play games with TheBrandonAF: YES!!! Send me a message. 📲
What are your PC Specs? 🖥
This changes A LOT.
Gucci Case:
CPU Cooling:
Memory OC’d @ 3700 CL14:
GPU OC’d +125 Core +1100 Memory:
nVME x 3:

Peripherals / Equipment:
Happy to answer questions these are not in any order,
🖥Omen X 27:
🖥Omen X 25:
🖥LG 27GL850-B:
🖥ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM:
Please feel free to ask about other variants. Not listing all of my audio equipment but for enthusiasts, you’ll love the discussion.
🔊Sennheiser HD800S, its like cheating.:
🔊Beyerdynamic T1 Version 2…. Amazing.:
🎙HyperX QuadCast. Its that easy mute…:
🎥Video in no particular order: First is what I am typically shown through.
📷Canon Rebel T6 via Web Utility:
📷Sony A5100:
📷Canon M200:
Keyboard / Mouse:
🖱Logitech G502 LightSpeed : w/ Custom Tiger Skates: (not these exact ones but similar).
🖱Logitech G502 Wired:
⌨Logitech G Pro: also run the clicky blue key variant found only on Logitech’s Website.
Glorious Gaming Mouse Pad: You can wash these and are amazing for any mouse sensor. Yes mine is the XXXL. 😋
🎞Elgato Stream Deck XL:

In Game Settings?
DPI: 800
FOV: 112.33
IG Sens: 4.34 everything else is 1
Graphics: Textures High, Particle Effects Hight, everything else low or disabled.
Audio Settings: Home theater.


TheBrandonAF Tips for streaming:

Do work. You’re not the only human that everyone wants to just watch play games. Give something back in the way of a niche.

1) Be cool.

2) Have fun and be kind.

3) Don’t be afraid to troll and send it. (don’t offend the majority.)

4) Memes make the day.

5) Sometimes you have to sweat.

What stream software do you use?
OBS Studio 🎛
How do you run so fast in COD Warzone?
It only looks faster due to higher FOV (Field of View)
Where can I find TheBrandonAF Loadouts? These shift a lot. Ask me.
I frequently post fire clips on IG @ TheBrandonAF;
Where can we share clips/memes?
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