RetroPie Easily Make PS1 Games Look Better

I was informed that there is an EASY way of making your PS1 game look better. I’ve always done it the hard way so if you followed my last video I’m sorry for that but this makes life so much simpler

In this video, I show you how to make your PlayStation games look better in Retropie using a few tweaks

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  • I was informed that there is an EASY way of making your PS1 game look better. I’ve always done it the hard way so if you followed my last video I’m sorry for that but this makes life so much simpler

  • Thank you ETA PRIME

  • I have a 3 b+ and it still had frame drops when he clearly says it will run better on the 3. And i wouldn't reccomend doing this because after I did so, none of my ps1 games were taking any of my inputs from my controller, it's only been happening in game, inputs in the menu and other emulators work except this one. Thanks alot ETA

  • Tnx bro

  • What is the Highest Definition | The Best Quality Possible regardless of price, would this be comparable to a framemeister via components cables?

  • That method doesn't work on the x86 version of Retropie.

  • Huh it doesnt work…

    Me: 420p mode on…
    Switched to 72060

  • Will this work on the 4?

  • I could use some help

  • I cant even access the retro arch menu . Select + x doesn't work . Nothing works

  • Hey thanks man. Made Resident Evil 3 graphics look way better.

  • I actually like it when you make videos on how to do stuff the hard way because sometimes the GUI doesn't work correctly ,or I will run into a bug that can only be fixed through terminal commands.

  • thanks my game looks less garbage now 😀

  • Your help is over 8000 🙂 Thank you

  • does this work on the odroid xu4

  • My PSX games looked grainy before I discovered this video. My Pi 3B+ is overclocked to 1.5Ghz (thanks to another of your vids) so there's practically no slowdown on the games I've tested (mostly Medievil and Spyro 1, which I know isn't a representative sample). Thank you!

  • Thx a lot you save my dream to continue build arcade machine ,because i start to lose interest, and i start to give up, because the pixels in pcx was terrible…
    Eta prime, you are my hero of the day thax a lot

  • Thank you very much👍👍👍

  • U have a video explaining the same but for 3b+?

  • does it help with MAME or other systems resolution? if not is there a video for it? I have a B3+ Thanks 🙂

  • Bilinear filters is the poor man Anti Allising, are you trying to emulate composite video or what? The reason the filter makes the games looks better is because you are not using an integer scale Width and height a Bilinear filter is interpolation in the X and Y axis and everything looks blurry. PS1 games are 240p video. That scale perfectly in a 4k tv in an integer scale x9, if you want to blurry the game use the CRT shader in the Shader option in the quickmenu is better than the bilinear filter and the scanlines smooth out everything better and fake that retro-ish look. it looks more autentic to me. I personally end connecting the pi to a CRT although I own the real hardware the pi double res option can smooth out some of the jaggies in some games.

  • I love your videos. I have set up RetroPie on several raspberry pi’s for family and myself thanks to your tutorials

  • nicknick

    Author Reply

    eta prime you fucking rule

  • Thanks ETA PRIME !

  • Select x deoes nothing for me. When i go to retro arch there is no quick menu, help

  • Great for some 3D games, but I've had performance issues with it on an OC'd Pi 3 B. Also needs game-specific configuration for 3D games only – don't do this on something like SotN, Tales of Phantasia, Mega Man, etc.

    Also, this will kill your performance for some games on some systems, but you should really really disable Threaded Video (known as video_smoothing in the config). It improves latency SO MUCH. Also try to enable RunAhead and Second-Instance mode if you have the extra performance to spare so that you can achieve even better latency. Finally, I really like the crt-pi or zfast-standard shaders on all systems (aside from handhelds – you'll want an LCD shader, but I haven't found a good one yet. lcd-shader.glslp works great on normal computers, but the Pi definitely can't handle it.

    Oh, and DEFINITELY disable Bilinear Filtering for any 2D/Pixel art games. Looks fine on 3D games (if you have the performance to spare) and great for pre-rendered games like DKC – otherwise, definitely don't use BF in SotN, Metal Slug, NES Games, etc.


    Author Reply

    thank you!

  • How do you do this on the pc setup as the option is not there

  • I can't even get ps1 games to run on my pi3 any help?

  • DONT ENABLE speedhack, you will have problems with games like TENKA.
    Targets dont lock. Cant shoot power cells etc.
    Had to go back to the UGLY to play the game.

  • Had to set hotkey and menu key.
    Then the only way these settings are there is when game is running.
    Cannot just change them in retropie settings without loading the game.
    Kinda dumb.

  • Nice

  • This worked for me. Thanks for the help ETA.

  • I don't get those options in my menu 1.7.5