REVEALED I New #DOOM Eternal & Classic Game Merchandise

Riiiip and tear! 😈

We are Numskull Designs are seriously big fans of all things DOOM – from classic DOOM to the upcoming DOOM Eternal, you can guarantee we’d go to hell and back for this action-packed series!

Honouring one of the greatest first-person shooters ever made, we’ve designed the brand new official DOOM Eternal Doom Slayer plush! Whether you call him Doomguy, Doom Marine, or Doom Slayer, he’s as cuddly as he is brutal. Standing at 11.5in tall, he’s an impressive hunk of demon-killing awesomeness!

We also unbox some more official DOOM Eternal merchandise that we’ve recently released – including a DOOM Eternal pin badge set, DOOM Eternal mugs, DOOM Eternal notebook, and more!


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