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Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

Onstage at TED2013, Sugata Mitra makes his bold TED Prize wish: Help me design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can explore and learn from each other — using resources and mentoring from the cloud. Hear his inspiring vision for Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE), and learn more at tedprize.org.

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  • Why didn't adults and adolescents use the computer which seem to be available to use everyone.

  • A lecture that is valuable to watch

  • Excelente, me emocionei profundamente! " Vá em frente"

  • FA SFA S

    Author Reply

    Hopefully in the future i can do this in my country, Indonesia. To enable more people, to get education properly. Because in Indonesia the school system is really oboselete. And have so many rules and really do not encourage the children or people to teach themselves. Many punishment that makes them afraid to question something. A lot of beuracrachy that makes the barrier. And this experment enlighten me, and trigger myself need to do this. Hopefully Indonesian education can be better with this system called SOLE.

  • Quien diría que la realidad de la escuela en la nube, se llevaría a cabo en todo el mundo a raíz de la pandemia COVID en el 2020. Nos alcanzó el futuro. Gracias profesor por su aporte y compartir el fruto de su trabajo de varios años. Éxito.

  • I think that the method he mentions should be mentioned more frequently, the current teaching has become outdated, children need more creativity to learn to think for themselves.

  • This ted talk gets us to think that the system has to change. School education for kids should motivate young boys and girls to discover what do they want to be in the future. With the preassure of exams students have barely got time to think. As a student, I know that the school system does is not motivational for us, the education is very systematic and limits our creativity.

  • This is unbelievable, we are really fortunate with such important information we need to keep with time and as S.Mavrodi says we are living in the world that is unfair and unjust. The cloud school is a sound idea because the syllabus is not moving with this technological time we live in. We will be lead by greatest of them all leaders who are all ready bringing a true change in all of our lives.

  • I think it is a very good idea. With all the technology we have education can be free and for everybody. It is very important to be motivated to study. Learning must be fun not boring.

  • I want this type of education too! It's very exciting to learn only the things your really are interested on. Of course, knowing is power. In the future we will be good at searching information, but we aren't going to be good at knowing relevant things of the life. It's the demosnstration that the educational system needs a change. Who doesn't want this educational system for their sons and daughters? Thank you for this Ted Talk. It has given to me something very interesting to think about.

    I hope the educational system changes. We are like robots and i don't like it. It's very sad.

  • Your video is incredible because, you're a person who sees beyond reality, who believes that sometimes things can't be given because it's impossible, but you've shown me that nothing is impossible, hearing your words, what teaching really is has left me with another concept of school teaching, we're no longer in the past, so I think we should change our own methods, be able to distinguish a part of the future.
    So I join your methods of teaching….

  • I have enjoied a lot with this Ted Talk and I am agree with everything that he have said. In my opinion, the environment that the school produce to us, talking as a student, it's what limits our creativity, our abilities, our critical sense, our way of expressing, our credibility, our voice. So, talking us a student I said YES to this amazing propose, all of us would have to say yes. The educative system must change now.

  • I really liked this man's video. I think it has taught us that with very little you can learn, and I was surprised by the idea of the computer on the wall. I think Sugata-san's idea of a new kind of school is very good. I think in the future we'll be pretty useless and just learn to read. When we need something, all we have to do is go on the Internet to solve our doubts.

  • I like this talk because you go back to the roots of learning and educative system. I am a 15 year old student and I believe that if my education so far was based on this system, I would have more motivation to learn, discover and improve my education. Students need an environment, without tests or planning, where we can give one lesson with more time and another with less time.The future must be different from now, the next generations have to be differents, and their way to learn has to be different too, , and is the system that Sugata Mitra propose us. All together we have to make this project come true.

  • I really liked the talk, the man talks in a way that makes you understand things and that the message reaches you.

    I have the session that the education system wants to create robots, without taking into account the multiple capabilities that a person can have, without depending on a grade. At what point have we gone from being totally different people and minds to being just a number?

    Really, and in my opinion the education system is an exclusive system and it does not adapt, a reform is needed!

  • I enjoyed this ted talk because I think like this man. As an student, I think that the best way of is by experience. The schools should help the people learning, making the experiences happen.
    The schools should not teach the ansewrs of the situations and problems, the schools should make the situations and the problem happen and let the students solutionate them. That would be really helpfull.

  • I liked this Ted talk very much because the man who explains it is absolutely right and that with a great effort we could make his system and that everything would be better

  • I really like this Ted Talk is very interesting, and the man is fantastic. I'm agree with the idea that explain. The educative system is obsolete and need a change. He talk about the school now and the school in the future and proposes differents thinks to change the educative system.

    I really like the experimet with the children of a poor district. I think the children learn somethings that is possible can't learn in these district.

  • I like his way of thinking and how he makes us reflect with real data and history about education. I share his way of seeing education and it seemed very important to me, I don't understand why he has so few visits … On the other hand, although he says it with humor, he is absolutely right.

    I did an internet search about your project and I think it's great, in addition to discovering that here in Spain the version also exists and is carried out in different schools.

    What do you think about this topic?

  • Hello!
    My name is Raquel Pons, I am 16 years old and I'm a student from Spain. So I'm in this situation, all my classmates are learning the same things as me, we are all preparing to get the same degree, the teachers gives us the same tasks…

    I have to reconize that this ted talk is amazing, you said some things very real. In my opinion, the best part is when you said that we are as machines when we are at the school.

    You are very inspiring!

  • The truth, it seems to me that it's a very original idea and, if it worked, it would be very good. But, in my opinion, I think it would not work. I speak from the experience of being a student who has lived through a pandemic and has had to go to school virtually. Because by going to school in person, communication is easier, teachers can help you better and solve doubts easier.

    But, although I don't agree with what you propose, I also have to say that I don't agree with the system we currently have. And I agree when you say that it's outdated and we have to change it. But I think it isn't easy to create an educational system that everyone likes, keeping in mind that we are all different people with different abilities.

  • This talk is very interesting, it seems to me that the man has a special way for reaching people who are listening to him.
    In my opinion, if people who control education in each country listen to him, education in all world would be very different. If the system gave
    less importance to the exams and grades and more to learning and that we enjoy learning, our results will improve, our learning and relateing capacity
    too and everybody would be more proud of themselves.
    If all teachers applied these learning method, the education would be much better and all students would enjoy our education and would improve
    in everything.
    Thanks for this talk and for opening many people eyes.

  • I think this Ted Talk is very interesting. He did an incredible job and this is a great explanation. This shows us that the education system is a little bit obsolete.
    The fact that this video shows us the old education system, makes me reflect and it's is very positive, because with this manner we can see an evolve education for a next future. This video makes me think that teachers see us like a "machines" and they don't see us like a educated person.

  • Hello Sugata, I think that everything you say would be the dream of all students and would help us to get closer as a class, as people and the most important thing is that I think it would help us get more good grades since we were more or much more motivated to carry out our work

  • You’re a genius. Not only for create a different and better system education in which our opinion is listened, is because you have the courage to say to the world the reality. This system is outdated. Thanks you! I hope all the world will considerate your proposal.

  • I really enjoyed this Ted Talk and I'm agree with it in everything that explains. The educative system must change, we have to stop this current situation. Everyone is different and has to be gifted for that, everyone has a talent and must know it. In school they treat us, the student, like we're the same persons, and that's not true. They qualify us with a grade, an exam, a piece of paper and some questions written on it, and this is not fair. Also we should take advantatge of all the technology that surround us, because we can learn a lot from it and we can contribute to make a better world, to change it and to do great things with it,. The future must be different from now, the next generations have to be differents, and their way to learn has to be different too, this future of learning is called Sole, and is the system that Sugata Mitra propose us. All together we have to make this project come true.