Tricks Carnivals DON'T Want You To Know

Oh, the carnival. A place where dreams are made and hopes are dashed. A place where those who dream of showing off their skill at cheap little games and becoming the champion of the, uh, carnival, can try their best. Here’s the deal, though: those games are rigged and tampered with to make the wins that much less frequent, although they make you feel like you were, “oh so close last time.” Here we’ll show you some of the common tricks carnivals employ to ensure failure and how to overcome them. Here we’ll show you Tricks Carnivals Don’t Want You to Know!

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5. Cat Rack
This game seems like it would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, but you know what? It’s really not as easy as it looks, but if you’ve got some common sense, you’ve probably at least kind of figured out the trick to this carnival activity. What you should really be doing is trying your best to aim the ball at the noses of these creepy lil’ clowns. If you can hit the noses (or somewhere else in the general area), your chances of success go way up. If you hit them too low, you’re not going to do much, and your ball is just going to bounce off; too high and you’re just going to move them slightly and not make them drop like it’s hot. Accuracy is the real key here, not force, and once you figure that one out, you’ll be golden, Ponyboy.

4. Don’t Do the Tubs!
This here is yet another carnival game that it’s better off just to avoid because it is rigged and the carny has a way of setting things up to make you feel like you’ve got a chance. In all likeliness, you won’t prevail, but heck, if you can land the first ball or are confident that you can, go ahead and give it a shot. The setup goes like this: the carny throws a ball into the bouncy plastic bucket from a sort of advantage point, then hands you the second ball to practice. If you hit it, your ball may stay (because of the ball already thrown inside deadening the bounce of your throw), and it’ll get you confident. But then you get both balls with neither already in the bucket, and your chances of landing the first to deaden the bounce are very slim. More than likely, your shot is just going to bounce out and leave you frustrated! So don’t play! Nobody likes an angry carnival-goer.

3. Coin Toss
Oh, the coin toss… frustrating children and adults alike since forever. Here’s the deal, the chances of winning at this game are pretty slim—especially if you’ve never had practice—but if you think you’ve got what it takes, go ahead and give it a shot. We’ll also give you just a couple tricks to help you out in your coin-tossing journey. Throw the coin in an arc and try to get it to drop as straight down as you possibly can. If you pitch it like Randy Johnson, chances are, you won’t even come close to achieving your goal. A high arc with less forward movement will give the coin a slight chance of landing on the plate, or the spot you need it to and staying there. You could also use a little bit of spit and get that rubbed on the coin to give it some slight adhesive help, but don’t lick the coin to achieve this; ew, germs. You can also attempt to bounce the coin off one plate and try to land it on another, as many do. Okay, those are our coin toss tips. Good luck!

2. The Annoying Milk Bottles
We’ve all seen it; we’ve all tried it; we’re talking about the ol’ Milk Bottle Toss. You know, the annoying game where you need to knock over a stack of milk bottles? Some do achieve a win here, and it’s probably because they know where to aim or it’s luck, but there really is a sweet spot that you need to hit in order to win this one. Stop aiming for the junction between all of the metal milk bottles, in the middle of your targets, and start aiming for the very bottom of the bottom jars, right between the center two, and then give it your best go. The bottles are weighed down at the bottom and won’t all typically fall if you hit the stack in the middle; no, you need to go for broke and sweep the bottom of the stack. Now that you know, you can trick those carny tricksters and take home the prize!



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