Tyranny Bastard's Wound – Removing Barik's Armor

The final moments of Barik’s loyalty quest when you finally have the option to release the poor disfavoured soldier from his entombed prison.
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Tyranny Bastard’s Wound – Removing Barik’s Armor

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  • Mine has different story. Lycentia still can't remove Barik's armor. To make the story short I killed Graven Ashe to free Barik in his armor but still no good. I'm still not finish in Bastard Wound and Tales From The Tiers DLC.

  • so he can be free AFTER the mc became archon?

  • How did you get the Archon title? I'm trying to find anything on the net, but with no results.

  • What do you think is best for him, whatever he likes it or not, to leave the armor on or take it off?

  • When you talk to Tunon about removing his armor, do I need to ask Tunon to reconsider? Or will I be able to remove it still later in the game?