Tyranny: Helpful Tips for Character Creation

Are you getting started with Tyranny and wondering what all the stats mean and tips on the optimal way to set up your main character? This is the video for you!

Learn what type of main character goes best with the companions in the game (without any spoilers) and how the stats actually affect gameplay and increase over time.

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  • I'm waaayyyy too late for this comment but I'll make it anyway. The 'rethinkung of gender norms' is indeed not part of Tyranny, in northern europe it was long held custom that the women actually reigned about the land the family posessed. It was pretty much the spread of christianity which caused the role of women in society to be decreased into birthing and cleaning machines with less rights then men.

  • This could have been a 10 minutes video D:


    Author Reply

    this is not a tips video, this is a lets play. And a terrible slow one at that. This is like the opposite of a tips vid

  • appreciate the video dude but it's hard to hang in here when it takes so long to cover basic information

  • Just play at 1.25 speed for normal talking.

    I don't get this. I just started. I was given a bunch of choices. But they were all evil. I didn't have any options to help the oathbreakers.

  • you should learn how to get to the damn point

  • 1.25 speed sounds great for those complaining about his pace. Good vid great content, but I'd also recommend trying to pick up the pace man.

  • You need to speed it up. I almost fell asleep.

  • Wow you sure need a lot of slow-spoken words to convey just a little bit of information