"You Need to Swap Discs While They're Spinning," They Said. "You Need PS-X-Change v2," They Said….

i sure showed you, internet.
take that, sony, commies win again.

booting unauthorized discs without using “swap trick” or a “boot disc”, but with an ordinary game enhancer.
(this can also be done with the oldest model, SCPH-1000 series using the CD player built into the Playstation’s BIOS. my unit’s model is SCPH-7501, the newest model in N. America that still has a parallel port, which later models did not have.)

yes, i’m aware that the “Game Hunter” enhancer cannot be flashed with UniROM. i have a “Mini Gold Finger” enhancer that already has UniROM flashed onto it.
i only used “Game Hunter” to show how it X-Flash, or any other backup disc for that matter, can be booted with any ordinary game enhancer, so long as you have an official playstation disc released in your console’s region with the exact same number of tracks as the backup.
or you could just get a game enhancer supported by X-Flash and UniROM, and burn a CD-R with an image of X-Flash/UniROM so you’d only have to do this once 😛


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