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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Get the full game + all cards

All links are here! please read bellow:

1st Song: 3 Doors down, Here Without You –

2nd Song: Breaking Benjamin, Firefly –

To make up for the time lost i made an updated version of the all cards installer (version 3) and made it free and easy to get for everyone. This time i added a few sweets to the installer, like the mod workstation, a mod made by Hatem and a few other things that im sure you will love to have together.

Any questions or comments please let me know in comments bellow. Visit my official Forum of yugioh and also download the installer from the links bellow:

My forums:

Installer download:
(Torrent File)
(Mega.nz as requested) (Direct Download)(fastest way to get it)
(Deposit Files) (Direct Download)
Direct download links can be temporary, soon as any stop working i will remove it from here

Nguồn: https://britishmusicguide.com/

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  • NONE OF THE GODDAMN LINKS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X(


    Author Reply

    Installed game, and it worked, but i was about to play without cards unlocked, and all cards disapear after i close the game. I mean the cards i win by playing.

  • thx

  • how do i do this on a mac?

  • i dont have all cards or don know how to get them

  • Thank you so much man. You are making me so happy seeing this video again after all the years. You probably don't remember me nor is this channel even active but we played a lot on Hamachi back in the day and I remember that once I beat you we had an agreement you'll give me your deck so I could beat other people. Those memories are sticking with me forever and now 10 something years later I'm coming back and relieving my childhood. Your name is etched in my brain and Yu-Gi-Oh! Thank you!

  • Hello when i m opening the game in administrator i don't get all card (i installed the all card in administrator i turned the UAC) but when i exit after that the system file get back to when it get installed, then now what? (WIN 7)

  • hi.
    its my problem on game. after quit,
    deck again restart. no saving.
    can you teach me how to solve this? im using windows 7 with avast


    Author Reply

    hi, is this autosave? can i adjust the difficulty?

  • hi how make another langage for cards ?

  • works like a charm. I am subbing. is there a way to get the games without all the cards? Also is it possible to use cards in one game and transfer it to the other? Thanks man!

  • Before i was think that this have viruses, but now i saw that the file is clean!
    Some bastard have put the link in the secion of viruses in WOT aplication, but i have download de full file and i saw that you are trust!
    Thanks for help everyone that trust in you!

  • Thanks alot

  • is there a program to change some of the cards?

  • thx

  • not working,

  • Hello, does this still work if you do not want all the cards? If not how do I do to make it so?

  • Dont work for me. Downloaded it, installed it, only have the basic cards. Using win10

  • KarenKaren

    Author Reply

    I'm using windows 7 and when i try to open the game the screen just turns black and not loading. help

  • I installed it,and I didn't get all cards..
    And the game wasn't in my PC before.

  • wwheres the speed mode on the joey game?

  • isnt that song copyrighted?

  • My firewall is blocking AllCards.exe

  • Hi ! Do you have Yu Gi Oh – Power of Chaos with Pegasus and another character ?

  • I tried everything and your method should be good but I'm doing something wrong so always I only have locked cards and I never managed to unlock them. Please help!

  • Thanks a lot, one of the best version on the whole internet.